A Little About Who We Are

Shaloi Smith-President and CEO

Born and raised in Oregon. Associates degree from Portland State University. Currently reading Warren Buffett and Isaac Newhouse. Can be found in the park with her puppy or in the kitchen, when not at Celtic Drones.

Matt Smith-Vice President and Founder

If you break it, he will fix it. If he doesn't already know the answer, he won't stop until he finds it for you! This true Phoenix Arizona native has been upgrading (hopping up) anything and everything since before he can remember. He is in the park, flying, or in his shop working, when not at Celtic Drones.


Inspiring and encouraging creative innovation: in the air and on the ground!

We are relentlessly committed to inspiring creative discovery, through thoughtful sharing, open collaboration and continual education. Growing our business with transparent honesty, nurturing the human spirit of creative ingenuity. Continually improving our customer driven service--we encourage everyone to make and own their own actions.

Our philosophy is one of joint leadership and ownership--both of ideas and results.

We work with and donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities, including but not limited to The New Foundation, The Boys and Girls Clubs, and Boxer Luv. We also work directly with after school groups and charity organizations.

Retail Location Opening Soon!

We will keep you updated on our new , centrally located retail location. Grand Opening details to follow!